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Real Estate – Heritage Property
Property is a national obsession! Everyone dreams and talks about it BUT not more so than the dream of escaping to the country or buying an “old home”.

Don’t know where to start or who to talk to?

Dominic Romeo is a restoration and self-confessed heritage junkie. A heritage expert with over 30 years experience in sales and heritage property. He served as a Director of the National Trust of Aust ( Vic ) 2005 – 2015, Finance and Conservation Committee, Chair of the Mooramong Farm Committee and a member of the National Trust – Victoria and Tasmania. He has been responsible for the restoration of some of Victoria’s most significant historic estates and co-author of the recently published inspirational book, “The Constant Renovators”. Dominic is a heritage property consultant and has a strong understanding of the property market for historic homes in both Victoria and Tasmania.

Dominic has been both a vendor and purchaser of historic properties. He has a profound knowledge of heritage controls, restoration costs, architectural styles and interiors. More importantly, he is able to guide vendors and purchasers through the sales and purchase process along with working through any perceived challenges associated with heritage properties – a unique service in the Australian real estate industry.

If you have any selling, buying or general property enquiries or wish to obtain a complimentary market appraisal for your unique property

Contact Dominic Romeo 0438 500 277.

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